May 28, 2024
Angels Mission Statement And Goals


"Enriching the quality of life for youth/adults with severe disabilities". We promote and help provide opportunities of inclusion to recreational and social activities free of cost to the families who can't afford it. We support the belief that advocating for people with disabilities, like all disabled persons, have the right and want to be welcomed, cherished and embraced in their communities. 

Goals of Angels With Special Needs Org. 

The Goals of AWSN, Org. include a desire to remove barriers that exclude people with disabilities.
  • Provide cost-free opportunities of inclusion to year-round recreational and socialization activities.
  •  Make our communities more disability friendly by helping it become accessible and better able to meet the needs of the disabled.
  • Project a positive images of inclusion for youth and adults with disabilities
  • Promote communities that use inclusion to improve the quality of life for youth and adults with disabilities.
  • Promote communities that use inclusion support services for youth and adults with disabilities.
  • Provide communities with information, resources, educational materials and trainings on inclusion and issues on disabilities.
  • Educate the public on the benefits of inclusion inclusive activities and how it benefits   everyone.
  • Promote inclusion inclusive community events.

It’s very unfortunate that, people with severe disabilities and their families in today’s society are still experiencing unbelievable levels of social isolation and exclusion, especially during the school holidays and weekends. We hope to help improve this unimaginable situation through the sharing of information from actual family experiences their true stories will be your lead way to more  awareness from firsthand sources. We will continue to advocate for more community, individual, and organizational involvement as an effective way of improving the lives of families with severely disabled family members.

If you would like to join our team, and help enrich the lives of severely disabled persons and their families contact us at, 
 As when two or more come together for the common good of others we can make a difference, and help them thrive!

Our motto: Communities that gives generously, works vigorously, and acts collectively to solve problems benefits everyone!